The Cunniff-Dixon Foundation is pleased to introduce its newest video series, Influencer Interview, showcasing compelling stories of influential figures from diverse backgrounds who are shaping the landscape of end-of-life care. Each uniquely stylized short video unveils the impactful journeys of these influencers highlighting their pivotal contributions.

The premiere episode features Jeanne Twohig, an unsung hero, who alongside Ira Byock, MD, pioneered an early program promoting excellence in palliative care. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, their initiative laid the groundwork for similar programs nationwide.

Executive Director of The Cunniff-Dixon Foundation, Andy Peters, remarked:
“Our foundation is dedicated to support and shed light on the leaders and daily clinicians who have helped shape what we know today as Palliative Medicine. It is our hope that these short meaningful interviews offer wisdom, reflection and perspective along our path, as so many dedicated clinicians continue to tirelessly advance the field.”

Driving the creative vision behind the series is Nicole D. Glover, a seasoned producer mentored by acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Albert Maysles (known for Gimme Shelter, and Grey Gardens). Glover brings her expertise in producing for esteemed media outlets, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

Watch the premiere episode and discover more about these transformative stories: