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The Cunniff-Dixon Foundation

The Cunniff Dixon Foundation

Enriching the provider-patient relationship near the end of life through education, collaboration and recognition.

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The Cunniff-Dixon Foundation Awards

The Cunniff-Dixon Foundation Awards recognize exceptional physicians and nurses nationwide providing exemplary end-of-life care. The awards foster skills and virtues by providing financial prizes to those physicians and nurses, at all phases of their career, who have shown their care of patients to be outstanding, a model of good medicine for other caregivers, and a great benefit in advancing the centrality of end-of-life care as a basic part of the caregiver-patient relationship.

Our 2025 Nursing Award nominations open October 1, 2024.

Physician Awards
Nursing Awards

Planning my Way

Planning My Way (PMW) is a comprehensive end of life care workbook experience designed to help individuals and families contemplate, discuss, and communicate legal and supporting future health care directives effectively.


The Cunniff-Dixon Physician and Nursing awards recognize physicians and nurses practicing in the United States who give exemplary care to patients at the end of life. Over $1M has been awarded to deserving honorees collectively over the last decade.

Influencer Interview Series

We have been privileged to engage with some of the brightest and best leaders in the field of palliative and end of life care. We salute them in our influencer interview series and are privileged to bring to you their knowledge and wisdom.

Surgeons guide to palliative care

A highly regarded and carefully created manual specifically written for surgeons in training, regardless of future sub-specialty career choices to offer guidance and management of the most salient problems encountered in palliative care.

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Planning My Way

Planning My Way (PMW) is a project of the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation and received broad review from a diverse panel of end-of-life and ethics experts including clinicians, clergy and consumer advocates. Our partnerships helped bring that work forward to a consumer-oriented print and digital workbook experience that helps individuals and families think about, learn and communicate what matters to them as they contemplate both legal and supporting future health care directives.

Foundation VIDEOS

Watch these award winning nurses and doctors speak about their unique work in Palliative Care

Palliative Care. RURAL | Dr. Dillon Stein, DO
Honoring an exceptional palliative care physician serving rural communities, Dr. Dillon J. Stein goes above and beyond for his palliative care patients.

Palliative Care UNDERSERVED | Dr. Shellie Williams, MD
Meet Dr. Shellie Williams who shares the extraordinary ways a palliative care physician can make end-of-life a more poignant and loving experience.

Palliative Care. HUMBLY | Juanita Georges, LVN
“Shine bright like a diamond,” is how Juanita Georges, LVN, CDF Nursing Award winner, wants all her patients to feel during their end-of-life care.

Palliative Care. UNDERSERVED | Rodney O Tucker, MD, MMM, FAAHPM
Our Cunniff-Dixon Senior Physician Award speaks about listening in a poignant story involving the end-of-life care of a patient.

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