Foundation Videos

Palliative Care. ADDICTION | Dr. Julie Childers, MD, FAAHPM, FASAM
Dr. Julie Childers excels in palliative care for addicts and launched a program where there was none and now serves many.

Palliative Care. UNDERSERVED | Dr. Shellie Williams, MD
Meet Dr. Shellie Williams who shares the extraordinary ways a palliative care physician can make end-of-life a more poignant and loving experience.

Palliative Care. RURAL | Dr. Dillon Stein, DO
Honoring an exceptional palliative care physician serving rural communities, Dr. Dillon J. Stein goes above and beyond for his palliative care patients.

Palliative Care. PERINATAL and PEDIATRIC Dr. Rachel Vandermeer, MD
Perinatal and pediatric palliative care takes an exceptional level of compassion which is where Dr. Rachel Vandermeer excels.

Palliative Care and ART | Dr. Barbara Reville, DNP, ANP-BC, ACHPN
Pioneer and visionary, Dr. Reveille led the way by adding art-based education to medical and health-based education. Watch to learn more.

Palliative Care. PEDIATRIC | Dr. Alyssa Tilly, MD
Dr. Tilly is known for impactful outreach to global palliative care and unique blend of calm and compassion.

Palliative Care. LISTENING | Rodney O Tucker, MD, MMM, FAAHPM
Our Cunniff-Dixon Senior Physician Award speaks about listening in a poignant story involving the end-of-life care of a patient.

Palliative Care. HUMILITY | Juanita Georges, LVN
“Shine bright like a diamond,” is how Juanita Georges, LVN, CDF Nursing Award winner, wants all her patients to feel during their end-of-life care.

Palliative Care. LEGISLATION | Dr. Erin Perez, DNP, APRN, ANP-C, AGNP-C, ACHPN
With her legislative know-how and humanitarian advocacy, Dr. Perez is leading the way to improve palliative care policies.

Cunniff-Dixon Foundation Physician Award | Dr. Craig D. Blinderman
He encourages the discussion of palliative care while incorporating his interest in ethics & philosophy when helping patients.