NPR Audio Podcast: Why This Wisconsin City Is The Best Place To Die

Description:  This audio podcast from NPR's All Things Considered on November 17, 2009 is about the quality of dying at the Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Their success is based on the number of patients who have completed advanced directives-- a task that is aided by specially trained nurses who spend up to an

NPR Audio Podcast: End Of Life Care in America, A Doctor’s Diagnosis

Description:  In this April 2nd, 2009 podcast on NPR's Fresh Air, author, Doctor and bioethicist, Robert Martensen, speaks with Terry Gross about the challenges and complexities of medical care at the end of life; a topic Doctor Martensen explores more deeply in his book, A Life Worth Living:  A Doctor's Reflections on Illness in a

Terminally Ill and Suicide

Synopsis:  Joan Bakewell discusses the real-life case of Mary, a terminally-ill woman in her 80s. She has considered her condition and has decided that she wants to die. Source:  The BBC Vol/Page/Date:  August 6, 2009 Resource Type:  Video or Podcast Author/Source:  BBC: Inside the Ethics Committee Link URL: keywords:  ethics, suicide, refusing palliative care

“I Grieve” – Peter Gabriel

Description:    The grieving process is incredibly important for anyone trying to cope with and understand loss.  This song, by Peter Gabriel, was written after his father died and is a very moving piece of art.  Perhaps this kind of art that others have shared during their grieving process can only help us express our

Urbana NPR Station Features ‘A Life Worth Living’ with Dr. Robert Martensen

Description:  Illinois Media's "Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn" featured an interview with Dr. Robert Martensen  (Cunniff-Dixon Foundation Senior Advisor) in November 2008.  Dr. Martensen discusses his book A Life Worth Living: A Doctor's Reflection On Illness In A High-Tech Era.   Link:  Visit Site Media Provided By:  Illinois Public Media:The Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn

StoryCorps Audio Podcast: Andrea St. John remembers her fiance.

Description:  In this audio podcast from StoryCorps, Andrea St. John remembers being with her fiance when he found out his cancer had returned.  Her story is heart heavy but also scattered with a lightness and humor that is inspirational to all.  Link:  Visit Site Related Resources:  StoryCorps Audio Podcast: Danielle and Gabrielle Hall remember their

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