When Your Loved One Is Ready for Hospice Care – and You Aren’t

Many painful emotional issues face family members and friends when a loved one becomes terminally ill. These include communicating the diagnosis to others; overcoming denial that the person is, in fact, near death; feeling the need to "be strong" and hide their sadness for the benefit of the patient and others; dealing with anticipatory grief;

How to Talk to Your Children about End-of-Life Care

This period of time can be uncomfortable for all – which is why many families choose not to have the “tough conversation” about what the next steps are for a parent’s care. But, now is the time to talk to your children about end-of-life care. Learn more about how to get your children involved in

Impact of Early Palliative Care Varies Depending on Patient Age, Gender

A recent study examined the impact of early palliative care (EPC) on quality of life for patients with advanced cancer. The researchers wished to determine the effectiveness of EPC for the various advanced cancer demographic groups, such as age and gender. The investigators, based at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, compared patients

Hospice or palliative care volunteers find work rewarding

Bill Brunstad was interested in becoming a hospice volunteer for years. He read a book about the highs and lows of working on the front lines. He even took a class offered by HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Hospice team. But seeing his friend Jim Dimock in the grocery store gave him added incentive. Dimock told

Geripal: The Long Term Care Insurance Con Game

"You are getting older, and are concerned about the costs of nursing homes and long term care.  So, you decide to get expensive long term care insurance to protect your family from these costs.  The policy will pay some of the cost of long term care if you develop cognitive or physical disability.  All you

Geripal Blog: The Shortsighted Argument in Limiting Hospice Access

Description:  It feels like every passing day brings with it more news of an aggressive campaign to reign in the cost of Medicare hospice spending.  For instance, federal government investigations of hospices that enroll patients who live longer than 6 months have resulted in the death of one of the most important organizations in our

New Health Dialogue Blog: Dying Well Beats Dying Badly. And Expensively

Description:  This post from Joanne Kenen on November 20, 2009 reviews some recent news in palliative care including NPR's report on the Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisonsin.  Joannes writing is very clear and includes some nice reflections.    Link:  Visit Site Related Resources:  NPR Audio Podcast: Why This Wisconsin City Is The Best

Geripal Blog: Dying in 14 Minutes of 60 Minutes

Description:     November 22, 2009:  CBS did a segment entitled "The Cost Of Dying" on tonight's 60 Minutes.Considering the title of the segment and the short amount of time alloted to it, CBS's coverage was accurate and thought provoking.I'd have done some things differently.....for example:   Point made: Patients most often don't pay their medical

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