Review:  Providing care and support for the family of the patient is one of the basic, almost sacred, tenets of palliative care.  But how well are we doing?  In this book Peter Hudson and Sheila Payne have assembled a distinguished cast of contributors, which is both multidisciplinary and international, to critically assess the evidence.  There are chapters on family support in different clinical settings and different economic circumstances, as well as for different disease groups (geriatrics, paediatrics, cancer, advanced organ failure, and neurodegenerative diseases) and it seems to be well referenced.  I did not find it a light read, but there is a wealth of information here, application of which can only improve what we do in the way of family support.  Anyone responsible for planning or operating a palliative care service should read this book and it will be a valuable resource for people involved in post-graduate courses in palliative care.


Oxford University Press


2009, 309 pp.

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Peter Hudson and Sheila Payne (Eds)


caregivers, palliative care, family support