Mended Hearts


Mutual support for persons who have heart disease, their families, friends, and other interested persons. Quarterly magazine. Chapter development kit.
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285 chapters
7272 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Texas, 75231
United States
1-888-432-7899 or 214-360-6149

  • Description:  Provides support, resources, networking and hope to families affected by congenital heart defects. Provides newsletter, literature, phone support, annual…

  • Description:  Seeks to improve the qualtiy of life and extend the lives of adults with congenital heart defects. Education, outreach,…

  • Description:    The American Heart Association is committed to reducing disability and death from the nation’s number one and number…

  • Synopsis: Dean Ornish talks about simple, low-tech and low-cost ways to take advantage of the body’s natural desire to heal…

  • Description:    Mutual support for families and adults affected by congenital or acquired heart defects. Also provides bereavement services. Matches…